Horror Stories

by Down In Autumn

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An album of songs inspired by horror films.


released October 31, 2012

All songs written, performed, and recorded by Thomas McCann
Track 9 recorded in the Jam Room in Northern Ireland by Andrew Graham, and features drums by Niall McCann.



all rights reserved


Down In Autumn London, UK

Down In Autumn is a Northern Irish ‘band’ that mainly consists of one member.
Occasionally other people will lend their talents to various recordings and performances, but usually Down In Autumn is small, mostly-acoustic, home-recorded songs all scrappily put together by me, Thomas McCann ... more

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Track Name: Escape!
I’m runnin’ out the back door, nobody gonna catch me now,
They’re lying on the tiled floor, this silence never seemed so loud.
Been years and all that I’ve had, is this sentence running through my head, you said you’d always love me, I guess we’re going to find out...

I don’t know where you’re living, the Records lady slowed me down.
But she’s no longer breathing, I couldn’t wait to wait around.
So I’ll go back to beginnings, these memories will lead the way, ‘cause you said you’d always love me, I know I’m going to find out...

‘Cause they said I’d always be insane. They said the ‘crazy’ in me would not be at peace, and I said: “The only thing I’m crazy for..” is you and everything we once would do, so now, so now, I’m coming for you...

I’m rolling down these dark roads - the driver wouldn’t let me drive..
The houses line up in rows, gotta find somewhere to spend the night,
And I’ll lie there for the first time, no screaming from the bedroom walls,
‘Cept screaming that you love me, I can’t wait ‘til I do find out..
Track Name: Let The Right One In
Will you run away, run away with me?
We'll live on pieces of the people that we meet.
I’ve got nothing else, you know I never have,
And I would send this town to hell if you just asked.

I would die for you, you would die for me,
Pick apart my bones, wash me out to sea,
In this life we lead, you’re the femme fetale,
And I am fatally attracted to you now.

‘Cause our hearts will bleed, will bleed, will bleed, will bleed
’Til we have all we need, we need, we need, we need.
I don’t want the sunlight, I don’t want a soul,
And I swear to hell I’ll never let you go.
Anywhere we want, I will take you there.
We’ll live in secrecy, just whispers in the air.
Strike the fear of all the gods into their lives,
And I’d do anything for the evil in your eyes.

You won’t ever feel the weakness that you felt,
‘Cause you saved me from the hatred of myself,
And with me, you’ll never go hungry again,
I’ll smile and watch the blood of cities slowly drain.

And I will be here any time you need me.
I’ll string them upside down and fill these buckets nightly.
And we’ll sleep through days while dirt and dust collects.
And I’ll hope to feel your teeth sink in my neck...

Because our hearts will bleed, will bleed, will bleed, will bleed,
‘Til we have all we need, we need, we need, we need,
And I don’t want the sunlight, I don’t want a soul,
I want you coursing through me, let you in,
Give me your history, your sin.
Your every twisted taste of death,
the icy evil of your breath.
The sickness in the living world,
and every other boy and girl,
just let me in, I’m turning cold,
and I swear to hell,
I’ll never let you go.
Track Name: Dawn of the Dead
I met you as I pulled out of your smashed up car,
And I said: "Come with me if you want to live”.
And we ran off from the hoards that came in,
I couldn’t help but noticing you were the most beautiful car crash victim that I’d ever seen,
And something swelled and burst inside of me.

We travelled together from then,
We fell in love and I defended you from everyone of them that got too close.
I swore that I’d kill them all, but we shacked up in a shopping mall,
and now we have a place to call our home, and I’ll protect it ‘til I die.
With guns and chainsaws, baseball bats and knives
’Cause finally, I’ve meaning in my life.

It’s the end of the world as we know it. It’s the start of our own world and we can grow it.
And from night, to dawn and day, I swear I’ll fight them all away,
This is the chance that I’ve ben waiting for to show it.

They say that when there’s no more room in hell, the dead will walk the earth,
But I have never felt this much alive,
‘Cause I was nothing but a slob. A useless fuck, no family or job,
and now I find my calling in protecting you, I’ll do that til I die, through all the limited days of our lives. “cause I find all I need is in your eyes.

And if they ever find a way to get into our new home you don’t have to fret.
I’ll set the dynamite to blow, as we steal out the nearest window,
We’ll grab a boat and sail to the sunset.
Track Name: Horror Stories
Shit, I didn’t see the twist you wrote in. I’m never good at guessing how the film ends

I thought we were Celine & Jesse, ‘cause I talk a lot of shit - I thought you didn’t mind.
But I got the message; you lost interest. Now, I’m depressive, watching late night horror flicks, and I like the ones with the shaky camera point of view.

And once in a while, I’ll see something that I really like, and I’ll tell all my friends.
And you won’t be here, losing you was still my biggest fear,
But scares always wear off in the end.

Bruised, you knew you had to choose a story. Mine is full of wasted time and bits that don’t make sense.
So I got your preference - it’s not for me sat here in reverence, watching late night horror flicks, and I like the ones with the doomed romantic overtones.

I cut reruns from my memories, all our better scenes.
But they all look like horror stories now, and always will.

And once in my life, I’ll meet someone that I really like, and I’ll tell all my friends.
And I’ll lose these fears, I’ve been holding back for all these years, and we’ll stay right here, stay up watching horror flicks, she’ll love those late night horror flicks,
and I like the ones without a stupid twist ending.
Track Name: The Blair Witch
I'm running, I’m falling,
I’m fighting, fighting something.
I can’t see it, but I feel it,
Can’t shake it, I’m about to go.

I’m sinking, and filming,
And thinking I don’t have long left,
It’s creeping, and it’s stealing,
I’m feeling something worse than death.
I’m feeling something worse than death.

I think she’s had it up to here.
How did we even end up here?
Now we’re so lost, we’re in too thick.
I’m gonna meet that fucking witch.

There’s laughing and children, and shaking,
I’m freezing, and screaming,
And stumbling over fucking rocks.

I’m stressing, confessing,
I think I’m ready to give up,
We’re losing, we’ve lost it,
I’ve crossed it, I’m going in that house.
I’m going in that fucking house.

I think there’s something in here too..
I’m looking through this camera view,
A fear I’ve never felt in life.
What’s in that corner?
Fuck! It’s ….
Track Name: Death!
I killed your friends.
I killed your boyfriend too.
They met their end, you’re gonna meet yours too.
Called 999 when I showed up last night, so all this time, it seems my docs were right,
You’re gonna pay for what you’ve done to me.

First up was Jack - your secret high school crush. I snapped his back. I hope it wasn’t ‘love’?
Then your friend Jen - she met a sticky end. Best friends since ten - so I took off her head.
They had to pay for what you’ve done to me.

You never left our little town. Now you’ll be going in its ground. I chase your round and round and round and round and round..... This type of love just isn’t found!

The cops came out, raced straight into the house.
They didn’t see me, or my machete.
I know you’re here, behind the closet door. Scream all you like, there’s no one left no more,
they’re all paying for what you’ve done to me.

I planned this scene for all these years. I cried your name through every tear. Now I’ve shown up it’s time to die. I’ve waited for it all my life.

There’s no one left, there’s only you and me.
Let’s both choose death, it’s best why can’t you see?
But just before I sunk this knife in hard,
Fell to the floor - you caught me off my guard.

Now here I lie,
Blood seeping from my head,
I’m gonna die.
Take it up with God instead.
Last sight I see,
You’re standing over me.
Your gun in hand...
It’s not what I had planned.
I’m gonna pay for what you’ve
done to me.
Track Name: Martyrs
I hope today you stay away, 'cause I might break,
Down here it’s drawing near and I know no escape.
I still feel pain, it’s burning through each move I make,
And I’m so sorry for not believing you, it’s my one big mistake.

When we were just two little kids, you burned in me.
And I’ve lived through all of those nightmares you went through with me.
I couldn’t stay with you as far as you would go,
And now I’m learning how you got there and I will follow.

I’m a martyr, I’m a martyr, make myself a martyr for you,
And it was harder, it was harder before they made me forced to face the truth,
And they can break my bones and break my skin,
they won’t break my soul since you got in,
I won’t falter, I won’t falter, just help me get through this.

I feel your pain, your suffering, but I have you.
And I don’t know how you got through this, I wish I’d been with you.
I miss you. I’m forced to face that every day.
As they bleed into one, but they won’t ever break me.
Track Name: Switchblade Romance
It’s me! It’s me! So why you acting differently?
‘Cause you’re pretending not to see - it’s you and me together ‘til you die.
So why don’t you see? I’m doing this for you and me?
So we can finally up and leave. I know I might not be quite what I seem.

‘Cause I only define myself with you,
So if you’re thinking something else, I’m through.

So take out your switchblade, and slash it across my heart,
‘Cause I know your mind’s made. I’m not gonna let us part.
And you cut like a switchblade, so I’ve carved you in my mind for good.
And I’ll paint it in blood shades. And we’ll suffer like romance should.

It’s me! It’s me! You’ve no need for your family.
I’m all that you’ll ever need. No one comes between us anymore.
So just stop the screams. I’ve got to stop these violent dreams, of being chased through bloodied trees.
I don’t know who I evem am no more

‘Cause I only define myself with you.
So if you’re thinking something else, I’m through.

So take out your switchblade, and slash it across my heart,
‘Cause I know your mind’s made. I’m not gonna let us part.
And you cut like a switchblade, so I’ve carved you in my mind for good.
And I’ll paint it in blood shades. And we’ll suffer like romance should.

I won’t let anyone come between us anymore.
Track Name: When I'm Dead
Well I shot down the last of all of my sins today,
I been hoping for mercy, I’ve been learning to pray,
I hope someone, gonna save me when I’m dead.

I’ve been too far from heaven think I’m destined for hell,
I got myself a ticket I’ll be seeing you then ‘cause I’m going, and it’s too late,
when I’m dead.

‘Cause I spent too long waiting day and night for something to change,
Everything is turning crazy yet it’s staying the same,
It’s too late for me, so set alight whatever remains,
There’s no time for showing mercy I don’t suffer no pain,
‘Cause I’m dead.

Well now, It’s been a long time coming don’t be surprised,
I got myself a ticket, gonna look in the eyes of the devil, and his demons,
When I’m dead.

I’ve made a mess of everything, my friends have all gone.
I’ve got nothing but trouble, I’ve done nothing but wrong,
I’ll deserve it if you hate me,
When I’m dead

I felt the sunrise warm me for the last time today,
I’ll face the coldest nights when they come take me away,
I can’t stop them, but they can’t stop me,
When I’m dead.
Track Name: Tale From The Crypt
I have taken to drinking most days,
I'm waiting for my face to drop,
It might grab me an early grave,
But it doesn’t mean I’ll stop.

I have taken to sleeping longer,
It’s getting harder having to wake up,
I would break my bones to stay here,
If it means I can’t stand up.

And it’s the way she always looks at me,
Never listening to anything I’ve said,
And the cold, cold crush of those glazed-out eyes,
Reminds me that I’m dead.

I have taken to wasting my life,
I’m speeding faster towards a heart attack,
I might run out of tracks to ride on,
But it don’t mean I’ll look back.

And it’s the way she always looks at me,
Never seen a feeling fade as fast as this,
And the hot, white snap of those twisted words,
Reminds me I’m not missed.

It’s the way she always looks at me,
A million miles apart I’m in our bed.
And the cold, cold touch of her creeping skin,
Reminds me that I’m dead.

Reminds me that I’m dead.
Track Name: Oh God!
Oh God,
I don’t believe you’re my maker,
I’m made of eviller stuff.
I’ve been a horror, my whole life a towering mess.

And I’m dead.
It’s for the best that you killed me, ‘cause I would’ve never let go.
I would destroy every girl, every boy if I could.

And I’ll look to you when I’m in hell.
Good luck to you, I wish you well.
‘Cause there’s plenty like me in the world that I’m leaving that wouldn’t care much is you fell.
And I’m sorry I never fit in.
And for each unforgiveable sin.
‘Cause all that I’ve shown in the world that you own are the hearts that you won’t ever win.

Oh God,
Do you think I’m really sorry?
I’d do it all again if I could.
Insanity led me and anger just fed me through you.
I’ll spend eternity counting the bodies, as they fall repreatedly down.
You know you can’t stop them, there’s evil in all men to do.

I made a killing off you.